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Everything you need to start and grow your video website super fast, all in one place. Curate videos, customize your theme, connect your domain, build your email list, gated content, fully-featured blog, monetization, and more.


Fully Responsive & Customizable Themes

Easily customize our user-friendly and mobile-ready themes to match your brand.

Brand and customize your website
Connect your domain name
Translate to any language
Live search
Email Subscription Pop-ups
Call To Action widgets
Advertisement spaces
Announcement bar
PostQuicker Blog Themes
PostQuicker Blog Themes
PostQuicker Blog Themes

Get Inspired by These Website Examples

Stunning themes built to convert.

Theme Editor

Easy to Use Theme Editor

Use our theme editor to customize every aspect of your web pages: control colors, sidebar, hero search, menus, and much more.

PostQuicker Branded Themes - Theme Editor
Content Management System

Simple Content Management With Bulk Actions

With more videos to be curated, our content management system simplifies your tasks.

Best Blogging CMS - Blog Management
Site Analytics

Know Your Important Numbers

Track the number of visits on your web pages in real-time, and identify the most winning pieces of your content.

Build Your Email List

Newsletter Subscription Forms

Build your email list faster by showing newsletter subscription forms on the sidebar, header, within posts, and on Pop-Ups.

Grow your email list
Build Your Email List

Triggered Subscription Pop-Ups

Choose when to trigger the newsletter subscription Pop-Ups.

  • Intent to leave the page
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Stay on the page for a specific time
Newsletter subscription Popups
Build Your Email List

Exclusive content for registered users

Offer your visitors a chance to get exclusive bonus content by entering their email address and signing up for your website.

Grow your email list
Build Your Email List

Favorite and watch later lists

Capture more emails when visitors register on your website to bookmark videos, podcasts, and articles.

Increase Conversion

Get more business results from your content

  • Fixed Advertisement Spaces

    Monetize your website by showing ads or promoting your services.

  • Custom Advertisements

    Create custom ads to be shown on selected posts or category pages.

  • Call To Action

    Promote your social media accounts and grow your email list.

Promote your social media accounts and grow your email list

Location, Location, Location

Maximize exposure and increase conversions by showing your Call To Action and promotions in the most attractive places on your website.

  • At the top of the page
  • At the end of the post
  • Within the post itself
  • In the sidebar
  • At the end of the page
Maximize exposure and increase conversions by showing your Call To Action
Grow Your followers

Promote your social media channels and events

Use our Call To Action widgets to optimize your website for promoting:

  • Youtube Channels
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Pages and Events
  • Twitter Accounts
  • Instagram Accounts
Blogging Platform

Fully-featured Blog

PostQuicker has everything you need to run a professional blog.

Write articles, built-in plugins, high-speed page loading, SEO, and much more.

Embed social media posts
Search Engine Optimization

Get more traffic from search engines

Optimize your homepage, posts, and every single piece of content on your website to compete and rank higher on search engines.

Get more traffic from search engines
Text Editor

Create stunning web content

Use our block-style WYSIWYG editor to create your posts. It works with grids, embeds, and your media library.

Create stunning web content

Grab your visitors attention with the Announcement Bar

Highly increase your conversion by placing your Call To Action at the top of each page.

Increase Conversion
Team Members

Collaborate with your team members

Invite your team members and give them limited or full access.

You can assign roles like:

  • Guest Blogger
  • Content Curator
  • Content Moderator
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Designer
Blogging Platform - Collaborate with your team members
Image Editor

Beautify your images quickly

Do quick edits to your images conveniently from inside your admin area. Resize, crop, transform, filter, and much more.

Image Editor
More Features

Do more with an end-to-end solution


Custom Domain

Easily connect your domain to your website.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics works with your website so that you can track visits and referrals.


SSL Certificate

Boost your Google search ranking and Increase trust by loading your site over a secure connection.


Third-party Scripts

Integrate third-party code such as Facebook Pixel, Mailchimp, and similar services.


Translate your website

Translate your site to any language.


Export your data

Download a list of all your registered users and newsletter subscribers in a CSV Excel format.


Password protection

Limit access to your website by requiring a password for access.


Remove PostQuicker branding

Replace the “Powered by PostQuicker” footer link with your own link.


Sign up to view

Offer your visitors a chance to get exclusive bonus content by entering their email address and signing up for your website.


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