Create a video website, curate videos from YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Create a Video Website in minutes

Curate videos from sources such as Youtube and Vimeo to create your site.
Customize your site’s design, use your own domain name and make money from Advertisements.

Video Website Builder

Attractive Design Templates, Fully Customizable and Advertisements-Ready

Video Curation Tools

Search and bulk import videos from Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo and other sources.

Video CMS

Fastest way to add, edit, sort and manage your Videos with ease.

Vidmy is Great for...

Video Blogs

Make money working from anywhere by building an online video blog for your followers.

Social Monetization

Monetize your Social media channels by driving your fans to your money making website.

Online Marketing

Promote your Products and Services by engaging your fans with regular and relevant content on your video blog.

Community Website

Create a video sharing website where visitors can recommend videos or directly post videos to your website.

You can Make Money from...


Make money everytime someone clicks an Advertisement on your website using Google Adsense and Other Ad Networks.

Affiliate Marketing

Make money everytime someone buys a product you are promoting on your website through an Affiliate Program.

Increased Sales

Make money by promoting your product, service or ecommerce by building an engaging video blog.

Everything you need to create a video website

Instant Setup

The fastest way to get your website up and running with video content in just a few minutes.

Customizable Templates

Choose one of our ready made templates, and customize every detail to make it truly unique.

Your Domain Name

Choose between using your own domain name or a free Vidmy sub-domain.

Google Friendly

Have your website Rank well on search engines using our SEO fields and video sitemap.


Advertisement placement built-in our templates. Show banner ads before video loads.

Social Sharing Buttons

Users can easily share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin.

User Generated Content

Users can submit videos and have them automatically published or wait for your approval.

User Voting and Comments

Engage your users by allowing them to vote and comment on videos.

Google Analytics

Start tracking visitor behavior and demographic using our one step integration with Google Analytics.

Real-time Reporting

Get real-time statistics including most viewed videos and top performing categories.

Data Backups

Have access to an offline copy of your website's data including videos and registered users data.

Custom Scripts

Freedom to add external scripts including third-party ad networks, analytical tools, and widgets.

White Label

Achieve a professional look and remove any Vidmy branding on your website.

Reliable Hosting

Stop worrying about hosting and maintaining your website as it grows. Leave that to us.

Expert Support

If you need any help with your website. Our team of professionals is there to help.

Always improving

We are always enhancing your experience with new features at no additional cost to you.

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