Maximize Revenues Beyond YouTube Ads

Promote your products and services and strategically place more ads in different prime locations on your website.

Google AdSense

Integrate Google AdSense or Any Ad Network

Choose prime locations on your website and effortlessly integrate AdSense or any ad network to maximize your earnings.

Grow your email list
eCommerce Integration

Embed Shopify & Amazon Products

Seamlessly enhance your revenue stream by embedding Shopify and Amazon products with one-click 'Add to Cart' buttons.

Increase Conversion
Affiliate Links

Leverage Affiliate Marketing

Increase your income by seamlessly integrating affiliate links into chosen related video content.

Grow your email list
Sponsored Content

Selected Video & Category Pages Sponsored Ads

Partner with brands to sponsor and showcase their ads on specific video content and category pages.

Increase Conversion
Boost Revenue

Get more business results from your content

  • Fixed Advertisement Spaces

    Monetize your website by showing ads or promoting your services.

  • Custom Advertisements

    Create custom ads to be shown on selected posts or category pages.

  • Call To Action

    Promote your social media accounts and grow your email list.

Promote your social media accounts and grow your email list
Boost Revenue

Location, Location, Location

Increase conversions by showing your Ads and promotions in the most attractive places on your website.

  • At the top of the page
  • At the end of the post
  • Within the post itself
  • In the sidebar
  • At the end of the page
Maximize exposure and increase conversions by showing your Call To Action

Grab your visitors attention with the Announcement Bar

Significantly increase your conversion by placing your most important campaign and offer at the top of each page.

Increase Conversion

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Email Newsletter Builder

Create engaging email newsletters in a few clicks.

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